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Kelpies and Cake

20141019_155843It has been such a lovely summer that I had forgotten the very British tradition of battling the elements on a family day out,  when the sensible course of action would be sticking on a movie and eating Jaffa Cakes.

And so the Grumbling Tummy three found themselves in Falkirk on Sunday on a quest to see the Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies,  or as my daughter calls them, The Skelpies.  There was rain, there was cold and a wild wind that blew a new white hat clean off a small curly head into the mud.  We were grimly determined like the other mad day trippers with their wellies on.

We took refuge in the cafe at the Falkirk Wheel and watched this amazing feat of engineering through the rain battered windows.  It was here that I had the misfortune to be introduced to a haggis and brie panini.  The only word I could muster to describe this unfortunate franco-scottish combo was “interesting”.  In my family “interesting” and “different” are terms used by my mum to express her dislike for something without actually saying so.   So this sarnie was indeed different and slightly interesting but not something I ever wish to repeat.  Worry not readers – good grub coming soon …


We had decided to settle for a drive-by past the Kelpies when lo and behold the sun burst its way through the clouds and there was a lull in the rain.  So with only the bluster to battle we got out to see these 30 metre high equine head sculptures which were a beautiful sight to behold.  There was only one problem – cake was thin on the ground.  I was determined to have cake and good cake at that.





20141019_155152Kincardine is probably not the first place you would think to head to for splendiferous cake but trust me, it is home to one of my secret places to procure cake of the finest standard.

The Baking Room sells breakfasts  and lunches but the highlight is the home-made cakes.

On offer amongst other delights on Sunday were:  giant custard creams, a pink Victoria Sponge complete with giant chocolate buttons, an amazing tray-bake made from brownies, white chocolate and mint ganache , Rolo tray bake, peanut butter fudge and salted caramel cheese cake.

B and N shared the pink striped Vic Sponge and it must have been good as they seemed to be fighting over selected parts of it – chocolate icing seemed to be the main battle ground.  Calm down  WI Vic Sponge purists – it was bloody good.

And let  me tell you how nice my Rolo tray bake was.  I didn’t ooh or aah about it one little bit.  I tasted it quietly and then cunningly hid it behind my coffee cup in the hope that it would not be noticed and that I would not be called upon to share.  Sadly I was found out and had to offer a tiny bit to B but oh how much did I resent that little bit of wonder going somewhere else apart from into my mouth.  Not only do I like cake but I am also a tiny bit greedy and am not keen on the whole concept of sharing.  Probably due to being an only child!

Not content with the cake that we had eaten – we felt the need to buy a giant custard cream and take it home.  I think the plan may have been to sit down and share it over a freshly brewed coffee but in reality it was opened and devoured before we had time to fill the kettle.


So Cake and Kelpies – it’s a great day out.  And as for the diet – there is always Monday!