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Sticky Sausages a la Mackays

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I created this little recipe as part of the Mackays  Christmas  challenge.   Mackays are a family run business from Arbroath who make jam the way it ought to be made.  They produce small authentic batches of preserves, curds and marmalades for that quality home-made taste we know and love.

The lovely folks over at Mackays HQ sent me some Rhubarb & Ginger preserve and some luxurious  Strawberry & Champagne preserve.  More of what I did with the latter on my next post – for now lets concentrate on the former.

rhubarb and ginger

It is just as well that I was sent two jars as B wasted no time on trying it out … and again …. and again.  His new invention was Rhubarb & Ginger jam on little salty crackers and I admit it was rather delightful.  B’s innovation gave me the idea for this scrummy sausage recipe.

This particular jam marries well with savoury flavours and as rhubarb is renowned to be a great friend of pork, I chose the humble sausage to be the star of the show.  Soy sauce added the salty element and some dried chilli flakes sought out the ginger for a double kick.

As you know I love to cook but I do not do complicated cooking and there are few recipes more simple than this one.  I served my sticky sausages with  potato wedges which were liberally dusted with paprika prior to roasting.  It was a resounding success and as I type I am pausing to take mouthfuls of next day sausage served with cous cous, tomatoes, rocket and a drizzle of olive oil – brilliant.

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8 good quality pork sausages 

4 tablespoons of Mackay’s Rhubarb and Ginger preserve

2 tablespoons of soya sauce

Generous pinch of dried chilli flakes

Tablespoon of olive oil


1. Heat your oven to 180

2. Put your sausages into a roasting tin and coat with the olive oil

3. Cook for around 20 minutes until the sausages are lovely and brown 

4.  While the sausages are cooking mix up the other ingredients in a bowl

5. Remove the sausages from the oven and  pour the sticky jammy mixture over them making sure that they are all well coated.

6.  Return to the over for around 10/15  minutes then serve immediately

7. Persuade your other half to do the dishes – that jammy roasting tin is a killer!