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This variation on a pizza has become a firm favourite in the Grumbling Tummy household.  It is slightly healthier and lighter than a regular pizza as well as being super duper quick to make.   I make it on days when I have dragged myself to the gym and have neither the time or energy to make anything complex yet I am craving something supremely tasty.

I have always stubbornly stuck to the same topping but would love to hear your alternatives.


INGREDIENTS – serves 2

2 soft tortilla wraps, 6 tablespoons of passata, 6/8 slices of Parma ham, 10 pitted black olives, 2 small handfuls of rocket, ball of mozzarella, 50g of parmesan, spray oil



I take the oven shelf right out and line it with baking paper (do not use foil) on the kitchen counter

Pop the tortillas on top and spray lightly with the oil

Spread 2tbs of passata on each tortilla

Add 3/4 slices of parma ham to each tortilla

Split the cheese between the two tortillas

Pop on 5 olives per portion

Put in the oven (pre heated to 180) for around 15/20 minutes

Once ready put the rocket on top and serve


NOTE: If you do use foil you will spend a frustrating 10 minutes trying to peel your pizza away unscathed and it might be a bit soggy in places.  Use the baking paper and it will slippety-slide off like a dream and the tortilla will be lovely and crispy.