"No love sincerer than the love of food"

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That’s Amore


Despite what you may think, I don’t actually live in St Andrews but I am there a lot at the moment – hence the many reviews that pop up on Photo 10-03-2013 13 18 29my blog about restaurants there.  I would actually love to live in St Andrews if I could afford it,  but for now I will content myself with regular visits to the folks,  who are fortunate enough to live there.

For quite some time my parents have been raving about an Italian restaurant in St Andrews called Little Italy.  It’s the place they choose time and time again to impress visiting friends and relatives and is a restaurant which, in their eyes, can do no wrong.

Now when comes to dining out my parents are just a bit critical and my interest was piqued. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long to try it out for myself – the traditional Mothers day food and wine extravaganza!

Tucked away in Logies Lane it is quite easy to miss Little Italy and even if you do stop to have a gander, the outside betrays little of what is in store for your taste buds.

Once inside it is hard not to get a warm fuzzy feeling. All of the dining takes place in one square area which is filled with the buzz and Photo 10-03-2013 13 42 52chatter of happy diners.

Shunning the fashion for contemporary Italian restaurant design that is popular these days, Little Italy is refreshingly retro/authentic.  Red and white chequered tablecloths, wooden chairs, red candles in wine bottles and flowers on the tables.  It is familiar and charming and you know that here, it is all about the food.


 To begin I chose one of my perennial favourites –  Melanzane Parmigiana.  This dish was a sight to behold and I am pleased to say that the taste didn’t disappoint.  The aubergine was velvety, the tomato sauce rich and the hot bubbling cheesy topping perfectly alternating between crispy and “gooey” (I am not sure if gooey is a good description of luscious mozzarella, but I am sure you get my gist).

Have you ever eaten a dish and found yourself audibly groaning with pleasure – I am sure you know what I mean?  Well that was the response prompted by my second course, Tagliatelli Boscaiola. Brilliantly cooked pasta coated with wild mushrooms, white wine, cream, Photo 10-03-2013 13 58 26fine Italian sausage and all seasoned to perfection.  It was to die for!

Unfortunately I remained on my diet wagon (wine has no calories you know) and so skipped dessert.  Next time Tiramisu, you will be mine.

I am often told off for forgetting to mention the choices of my dining companions and this review is no exception (must try harder). The truth is that I am usually so eager to dive into my own food that I forget all about what my companions are having until it is too late! Suffice to say that mum thoroughly enjoyed her food as she always does in Little Italy, and she is a harsh critic indeed.

Little Italy is a restaurant that does not rely on trendy websites (it has none), fancy frontage or elaborate interior design.  They know that week after week they will be full because they have the most important thing just right – the food.