"No love sincerer than the love of food"

Hazey’s Heroes


I had always “quite” liked black pudding but Stornoway Black Pudding is something else entirely.  I first tasted this on a trip home from Skye.  We stayed over in a tiny place called Dornie on the way home and got ridiculously drunk in a local bar.  The next morning I was possibly the most hungover I have ever been in my life,  but somehow made it down to breakfast.  I vividly remember tasting the black pudding on the full scottish breakfast served up to me that day –  it was bloody marvellous.  It has a slightly purple hue and it is devoid of all these horrid little white fatty bits on other black puddings.  It has a smooth smooth texture and tastes devine.  Onion and pepper and gorgeous black puddingy puddingness – YUM.    It is made by Charles MacLeod butchers in Stornoway  but thankfully you don’t have to travel to Stornoway to get it.



I am not a bit fan of  delicite buttery cheeses, much preferring those that pack a punch. And my favourtie  cheese without a shadow of a doubt is brie.  I am not a brie afficiado,  but what do know is that it has to be soft and oozy and have that lovely brie tang on the tastebuds.  I like my brie served simply with a crusty french baton, and a good bottle of red wine.  The best place in my humble opinion to buy  brie is of course I J Mellis .  I can recommend Brie de Meaux which is known as the King of Cheeses.



Who doesn’t like fish fingers?  I mean seriously what’s not to like?  Actually my dad was a fisherman and when I was little he used to tell me they were made of fish heads and eyes so we didn’t really eat them back then.  I love them,  but it’s the delivery that is important.  They MUST be served in a sandwich with white bread and I am unashamed to say the cheaper and fluffier the better.  Lots and lots of salty butter spread on the bread (do you want some bread with that butter) .  This way when you place the freshly fried (none of this grilling nonsense) fish fingers  on the sandwich the butter melts deliciously into the bread – salad cream optional.


It’s quick, easy, tasty and nutritious.  I like to add a wee twist with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  As ever my butter usage is liberal to say the least.  Enough said.




List in progress – more heroes soon …

One thought on “Hazey’s Heroes

  1. Fish finger sarnie? On my list of Food I Pray Never To Eat Again it shares the honours with curry. Unless it was, maybe, on a slice of toasted baguette with lemon. Maybe.

    But if and when I find room for a deep fat fryer I will be seriously into goujons – a foodie friend says to use any cheap fish like pollock, and light tempura batter.

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