"No love sincerer than the love of food"

A Veganish Feast

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Before the news was awash with masks, quarantine and Covid clusters we were all reading about ways we could help to save the planet. Quite a big important task that seems to have been rather forgotten amidst the pandemic.

One of the big things we were told we could do to help was to become vegan or at least a bit veganish. I was launching into a mainly vegetarian diet pre-lockdown which was, for some reason, abandoned in favour of bridies, mince rounds and enormous sausage rolls delivered to my doorstep by Aberdour bakery. We all know what the consequences of that was (I refer you back to the Covid 10 post from a couple of weeks back)

So our first ‘people round for lunch’ event happened a couple of weekends ago, when good friends Vic and Fraser popped round and it seemed a good reason to revisit one of my favourite veganish meals.

The menu was ultimate vegan chilli, salsa, guacamole – so far so vegan – plus soured cream and grated cheese (not so vegan). The pud which we called a ‘Waid Guddle’ (explanation later) was not even pretending to be vegan.

This chilli is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best I have ever made bar none. It came to my attention when my very meat eating boss had a vegan come to stay with her and after a mild panic about what to make, came across this recipe from the BOSCH boys. Thankfully she brought some into the office for lunch the next day and gave me a little taste – I rushed out and bought the BOSCH cook book.

The thing that makes this chilli so fantastic is the use of lots of minced mushrooms, giving it a very bold meaty texture that will satisfy the most confirmed carnivore. Interesting ingredients like chocolate, maple syrup, soy sauce, balsamic and red wine give it an incredible deep, smokey rich flavour. It really is sublime and its not surprising the the BOSCH team call it their Ultimate Chilli. Click the link for the full recipe from Bosch.


I am not sure about you but for me a chilli is not a chilli without the trimmings. A lone chilli with rice is like having turkey with only roasties at Christmas. It is just not right. Nope, you need a good home made salsa, oodles of creamy guacamole, big dollops of soured cream and a grated cheese mountain. Then and only then do you have a proper chilli on your hands. My Guacamole and Salsa also comes from the Bosch book and again are the best and simplest I have found.

For afters I did intend to follow the healthy and wholesome route, honestly I did. I made my own frozen strawberry yogurt, which just included oodles of strawberries, a little tiny spoon of condensed milk and low fat yogurt. At first I topped it simply with some fresh berries – hmm! Then I decided to blitz a bag of Maltesers and liberally scatter that on top, not satisfied with this we decided that a little daub of extra thick cream would be appropriate. Okay so this could have been healthy if it had not been for the Maltesers and cream but it was really rather nice. After the first portion all of the ingredients were brought to the table and DIY dessert making ensued. It really was delish. We thought it shared some similarities to an Eton mess and as my school was called Waid Academy we christened it the Waid Guddle.


All in all it was a raging success and declared by by friend Vic as the most colourful meal she has seen this year! I do implore you to try this chilli even if you are the meatiest of the meat eaters – you will be converted.

Next time The Grumbling Tummy delves into the world of alcohol free tipples in a self imposed Sober September ….

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