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The Covid 10

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The Covid-10 is now well known as the average 10lb many of us have piled on over lock down.  Some people have managed to lose weight over the pandemic period, the daughter of one friend has shed over 4 stone.  But these people are as rare as a bike for sale in Halfords.

I personally behaved as though lock down were a cross between an extended holiday and the end of the world.  Venturing out to buy milk and coming back with a £60 panic buy of everything from champagne truffles to tubs of Haagen-Dazs salted caramel ice cream was all too common.  I am ashamed to say that the notion of essentials was completely lost on me when entering a supermarket. In addition to this there was the wine – endless hours moaning about home schooling – whilst quaffing many many glasses of wine.

Then there was the wonderful experience of  eating as a family for every meal with a child who will only eat beige food involving sausages and pastry – tasty but not a recipe for a svelte physique.  Bridies the size of my head did some real damage to my waistline.

So I fell foul of the Covid  10 (and that is a rather conservative estimate) and found myself having to shop online for  trousers in a larger size than I had in my wardrobe to accommodate.  Elasticated waists became my friend.

Not being terribly happy with this in terms of vanity is bad enough,  but then of course we are now possibly facing a second wave of the virus and we know that being overweight does increase the risk of being more severely affected.  As an officially overweight 48 year old woman, I am rather aware that I owe it to myself and my family to shed the Covid 10 (at least).

Diets with points and rules make me feel panicked and lead me to feel like a failure and then I  ………. fail and give up.  So what to do?


I stopped writing in this blog a while back for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I was finding it hard to find the time,  but in addition I found that my relationship with food was not always the most healthy.  I would often see food as either my best ally or my enemy depending on the day.  As an emotional eater I eat all of my feelings – happy, sad, angry, anxious, depressed  – are all reasons to eat!  As worries about weight became a bigger issue in my life,  it seemed counter productive to spend my leisure time writing and obsessing about food.

However …  I spoke recently to my cousin’s husband who inquired about the blog.  I told him how much fun it had been and how I missed it but also how I was not sure how healthy it was for me.  It was him who suggested I get back to blogging on the Grumbling Tummy with a change of focus.  Perhaps using the blog to go on a journey of healthy eating and finding my way back to a healthy weight. It didn’t seem like a bad idea.  So thanks to Mark,  here I am.  Back on the blog with a new direction.

So don’t expect recipes for deliciously gooey chocolate brownies or the most delectable buttery shortbread on here for a while!  I hope that you will enjoy this journey just as much.

Coming up next I will be reviewing a beautiful looking seafood platter from the Kings Wark in Edinburgh ….

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