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Not in my kitchen Mary!

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Mary Berry, God love her, is the latest cook to have a recipe banned from my kitchen. The recipe in question is Two Tone Toffee Chews, or as we call them Two Tone Toffee Chew Chews.


Molten lava mixture of heavenly things

Young Grumbling Tummy decided that she fancied a little bit of baking with mummy. Being a mummy who loves to eat cake but who tries desperately not to eat cake I agreed cautiously.  She eagerly started flicking through my Mary Berry recipe books.  “This one” she said grinning and pointing at what seemed like a very simple tray-bake.  It was the sort of recipe that mini GT could pretty much handle herself with a bit of supervision which sounds pretty perfect.  Everybody happy!

I will add the recipe at the end but it really is terribly simple – like mars bar crispy cake with butter toffees and coco pops added in. It is the butter toffee incidentally which I believe has caused the distress!


Mini GT stirring whilst eating a toffee. Grumbling Tummy HQ a bit messy with  many bottles of wine kicking about – ho hum!

As I thought,  the little light of my life thoroughly enjoyed making this tray-bake whilst I simply flounced around the kitchen giving direction and encouragement and feeling vaguely smug.   I was also surprised that my little food hater actually ate quite a lot of this effort – well 5 of the 24 squares over 24 hours.  B also thought it was lovely and had A few squares with a cup of tea.  That leaves 16 squares of Two Tone Toffee Chew Chew left.  I pondered taking them to school or to the childminders but sadly by the time the next morning rolled around there was a problem.  “Where have all the Chew Chew’s gone mummy?” wailed my daughter as she stared into the almost empty box!  Her hands grasped at the two little squares sadly rattling around.  I was speechless! How to explain that mummy just could not keep her paws off of these delectable little toffee squares and spend a whole day and evening making trips to the kitchen.  How is is possible that I ate 14 toffee bloody chew chews!  Even my husband who is well aware of my lack of control around sugar was rather surprised.

So sad to say Mary that your Two Tone Toffee Squares join the likes of Nigella’s Rocky Road and any sort of chocolate truffle recipe at all in growing list of banned recipes.  I simply lack the control to cope!


For those of you who do not have a problem with the sweet stuff here is the recipe.

(I have just realised that I have deleted the picture of the actual cakes!  Blogging faux pas extraordinaire!!) You shall just have to make them to see what they look like …… good luck


8oz Marshmallows, 8oz Butter Toffees, 8oz Butter, 6oz Crisped Rice Cereal, 6oz Chocolate Rice Cereal 




Line a traybake tin with greaseproof paper (I don’t have one of these so used one of my cooking ceramic dishes).

Place the marshmallows, toffees and butter in the pan and


 melt. The toffees will melt last and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for it to be properly melted.


Add in all the cereal and mix it all up then pour into your lined t


in  and press with the back of a spoon.

Pop in the fridge for an hour then take out and cut up into squares














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