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Feast Time at Tony Macaroni



There has been a bit of a lull on the old blogging front, but I  am back following an invite from the lovely people at Tony Macaroni in Dunfermline.

I have been to Tony Macaronis on a number of occasions and not just in Dunfermline, my macaroni net has been spread far and wide –  from St Andrews and Livingston to Edinburgh and back again.  I am well acquainted one might say.

We popped along to the Dunfermline branch last Sunday evening, not traditionally the busiest night for a Dunfermline eatery.  We were therefore extremely surprised and pleased to see that it was choc-a-bloc with happy pizza/pasta lovin’ families and couples munching away as far as the eye could see.  I love a full house – not only does it suggest that the food is good but you know that the inevitable capers of your lively 6 year old will go largely unnoticed, which is always a relief.


Tony Macaroni’s Dunfermline restaurant is a relatively new affair, situated within Fife Leisure Park, but with 11 sister restaurants under their belt I reckon this crew know what they are doing. Righty ho –  six words to describe the restaurant:  warm, friendly, pristine, kiddie-friendly, airy, Italian.  In short it is perfect for families like us who want somewhere comfortable to take mini GT whilst still feeling like we are in a proper grown up environment.

Onto the main event …… the food


We decided to eat from the Sunday Presto Menu.  Often menus which offer special deals are limited in their choice, not so at Tony Macaraonis.  I have no idea what extras are available on the a-la-cart menu but there really is no need to find out as the Presto menu is extensive to say the least.

First up prosecco.  I like a wee drink as soon as I can. Any parents out there with ‘spirited children’ who are not fond of eating will understand why this is necessary when eating out, it seems to help.

I ordered:

Funghi Fritti – Mushrooms coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs stuffed with cheese, served with garlic mayonnaise. Followed by Roast Pork Belly – stuffed with Italian sausage, served with sautéed potatoes and for the record I topped it off with delightful desert of thin shards of puff pastry with creme Anglais and chocolate sauce and washed it down with a few glasses of Multipluciano.


B ordered Arancino Carne – Traditional deep fried Italian rice balls coated in breadcrumbs made witha a bolognese sauce, stuffed with peas and cheese and served with a spicy ketchup dip. Followed by Risotto Mediterraneo – Risotto rice with mushrooms, peas, peppers, garlic and cream, finished with butter and parmesan. Then I tricked him into having fruit – HA!


So how was it?

I forgot to mention that for some bizarre reason B decided it would be a simply fab idea to get some bread to munch on as clearly we were not going to have enough food already.  The so-called bread he ordered was actually a full-blown garlic pizza topped with mozzarella.  It was basically the equivalent of another main meal. It was lovely but I was almost full by the time my meal arrived.  I soldiered on however like the brave blogger I am.

My mushrooms were toasty hot and crispy on the outside with lovely stringy mozzarella oozing from inside.  Lovely way to start a meal and a really decent portion (like I needed it), and lets face it who does not love garlic mayonnaise?  As usual I find it a bit of a struggle to keep up with what my dining companions are thinking but the noises coming from B suggested the arancino was up to scratch.


The main course reminded me of eating out in Florence where the food is extremely rustic – you pretty much get what you ask for plonked on a plate but hey it tastes great.  The Pork Belly on potatoes was just what it said on the tin.  Spades of it on a big old plate. It wasn’t pretty but who cares really as long as it tastes good and is cooked well. I was going to have rocket salad to add a bit of colour but there has been a national rocket shortage.  I know this because not only had Tony run out but our online Asda delivery later that evening was sadly sans rocket.  I digress – the pork belly and italian sausage had a fairly strong herb flavour- sage perhaps – but I liked it.  I imagine it may bit of a marmite dish …  I was a lover. For once I did not manage to polish my plate.  Weighed down by the giant pizza bread and the large portions I was struggling.  When it comes to food however I am nothing if not committed.  Bring on the dessert …..


I can’t remember for the life of me what this was officially called but basically my final course consisted of a very pretty plate of puff pasty shards all beautifully arranged and covered with a gentle dusting of icing sugar.  Tucked into the pastry was generous helpings of creme anglais and chocolate sauce was liberally drizzled over the whole affair.  A nod to good health came in the form of a few raspberries but it was all too little too  late for such gestures!  Brian munched on fruit.  What can be said about that.  It looked nice and he looked smug.  Damn!


Oh can they fit in a coffee  in this marathon ………….yes they can!

The crane arrived at around 8pm to pick up the Camerons and hoist them home where they rolled into the house and groaned alot.

Tony Macaronis is a fantastic venue for families and couples alike.  Their food is great but pizza and pasta is where they excel in my opinion . Beware the portion sizes – they are very generous as we discovered much to the dismay of our waistlines.

We will be back to Tony Macaronis very  soon albeit for a slightly less ambitious feast!