"No love sincerer than the love of food"

Boo to Winter and other Smoothies

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I  am slowly emerging from the food fest that was December and have spent a week eating cleaner and leaner.  I have been trying to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet and limit the sweets, biscuits and chocolates.  I was doing rather well until I was forced to exterminate a packet of Thornton’s chocolates one afternoon after attempting to consume ‘just the one’.  It took another four chocolates and creeping guilt to realise that drastic action was needed – chocolates meet bin.

Smoothies are a good way of boosting your fruit and veg in a rather pleasant fashion and this week I came up with a couple of concoctions which hit the spot. ‘Boo to Winter’ has tropical notes and if I wear a t-shirt and close my eyes in a centrally heated room whilst drinking it I can go someway to banishing the winter blues.  The ‘Avo-Berry’ Smoothie is ridiculously creamy due to the inclusion of avocado and a great way of getting something green into the wee grumbling tummy.


Chopped up flesh of one mango (I actually used a packet of  fresh mango from the supermarket chiller)

One banana

Cup of coconut milk

Half a cup of natural yogurt

Blitz and pour

(this is not too thick so good with a straw.  If you like your smoothies thicker then add some extra banana)



One banana

Cup of blueberries

Cup of yogurt

Half an avocado

Blitz and pour

(this is a thick one – rather like a really creamy yummy yogurt.  If you want it a bit thinner and straw friendly add a splash of water or milk to the mix though not too much)





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