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Damn Delicious

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Its been over  a month since I have posted anything on this site, which is a ridiculous hiatus and one for which I can only apologise.

In truth I’ve had a bit of a fall out with food of late. At the moment anything even vaguely enjoyable is  jumping straight onto my hips and bahookie.  I’m not amused and have been trying to be stupidly healthy,  I fear that I may turn into a rice cake soon – all be it a rice cake smothered in hummus.

Those who have been following my avid cake baking attempts may scoff at this but honestly APART from the odd cupcake,  Chinese meal, glass of wine and ice cream …  I have been ever so good.

Anyway, enough of my inane havering and onto the good stuff…


Damn Delicious are producers of premium Aberdeen Angus Beef, natural grass fed lamb and organic pork.

This family run farm near Biggar takes great pride in using unique and natural farming methods ensuring meat of the finest quality with a stunningly delicious flavour – it’s meat like it should be.

Until now they’ve been a strictly on line supplier, however, I hear on the grape vine that they have just opened a farm shop at Thankerton Camp Farm, with future plans to open a permanent destination farm shop, café and children’s play area.

Hurrah!  Cafe, children’s play area and farm shop –  the dream team of ideas.

So as you may have guessed I took delivery of a great big bag of meat from the guys earlier this month and set to work planning what to do with it all.  I am of the opinion that you don’t need to do much to enhance truly great meat so I put it to the test with the simplest of traditional treatments.


photo (1)

You  just can’t whack a big old plate of mince and tatties.  The most exotic I get with this dish is the addition of peas, carrots, a generous dash of Worcester sauce, stock and some Bisto.  It’s always a winner anyway but this particular plateful blew us both away.  I am going to find it hard to describe because beef mince is just beef mince isn’t it?  NO it is not and this was at the exceptional end of the scale.  One of the main things that set this mince above that which you buy in the supermarket was the texture. It didn’t stick together in clumps when cooking, it was incredibly smooth and honest to god I am not sure I have ever experienced mince like that.  The taste shone through like a beacon, it truly was THEE nicest EVER plate of mince and tatties I have ever had.


photo (2)

B is the steak cooker in this house as unlike me he always manages to get it just the right side of pink.  He also declares that this steak is much tastier than sirloin.  Again simplicity was the key.  A tiny bit of seasoning on the steak which was pan fried and served up with fluffy, buttery sweet baked potato, salad and  a dollop of mild mustard for me.  I am a little wary of tough meats ever since my mum choked on a piece of steak on Christmas day at the Scores Hotel in St Andrews – honestly – it was a Heimlich affair.  Anyway I digress.  My knife has to slip through my steak like a butter pat  or else I have a real  issue.  The cook helped but the knife did indeed slippety slip through, which made it a delight to eat.  It tasted truly top notch.


When I am sent lovely things as a blogger I vow to be 100% honest.  That’s the risk producers take by allowing me to write about their products.  I love a stew – I just chuck in carrots, sometimes parsnip, a few new potatoes, stock, red wine and onion and of course the meat which has been coated in seasoned flour and sealed.  I then leave it in a moderate oven for around 3 hours.  The idea is that the meat just falls apart.  Not only did this meat fall apart as requested but it tasted amazing.  Its like the mince thing – beef is beef – NO!  It just had such a real honest to god quality beef flavour.  Let me explain.  Even when you get the meat all melty – I often find that you are mainly tasting the stock and the veg and all the other gubbins.  With this dish, I tasted the meat, and it tasted Damn Delicious.  There was a lovely picture but in the melee of phone changing and broken computers it has taken leave of my devices.


Hmmm – I think we may have cooked this little blighter a bit too long as it didn’t pass the knife test.  It did taste lovely but being that little bit tough made me anxious.  I am a bit odd and I doubt that an overcooked steak would have that affect on most of the population.  The cook will read this and be railing with indignation and maybe it wasn’t the cook – who knows.


All in all I would heartily recommend that at least once, you ditch the supermarket meat and give Damn Delicious a try.  They are really very very good and I for one will be heading back for more.

You can buy your meat online at



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