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Stockbridge Restaurant Date Night

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Well it wasn’t technically a date night as I had left B at home holding the baby, but it sure felt like it.

I found myself in the Stockbridge Restaurant with my good friend Cat on a Tuesday evening. This place was made for couples sharing a romantic tryst. It is quite a small restaurant with soft lighting giving it a cosy and intimate feel.  The interior decoration is classical without being stuffy – it was really rather lovely.

At this point I have to tell you that we had a bit of a camera malfunction, not good for a food blogger hoping to capture tasty delights on film. Thankfully the lovely guys at came to my rescue and supplied me with some lovely pics to use. Turns out they too had enjoyed the Stockbridge restaurant and wisely chosen some of the same items from the menu as we had. Their blog is fantastic by the way, pop over for a gander  –

We were presented with a little amusee bush to start proceedings. A small feta, tomato and spring onion salad with balsamic. Might sound a little bland but I can assure you that it was not. I love these little tasty  surprises and this one was delicious and light.

Trying to be exemplary in my pre holiday diet efforts I had perused the menu at least a week in advance and was all sorted, scallops, fish and NO dessert. Sadly for my ever expanding waistline,  with a glass of wine clouding my judgement and the actual menu  in front of me, it all went rather awry.

I started well however by choosing the delectable sounding seared scallops with cherry tomatoes, tapenade, aubergine and tomato vinaigrette.  The scallops were plump, fresh and bloody lovely – I do adore a scallop. I am not sure how you get a cherry tomato to actually taste so intensely flavoursome but the beauties adorning my plate managed to rise way above any tomato I have ever tasted. Maybe one day the chef will share this secret. Who knew a tomato could wield such power!


Whilst healthy Cat opted for a sea bass dish I went off the rails easily with the irresistible draw of a pigs lug.  Oh yes …..  Pork fillet wrapped in pancetta, with pork belly, cheeks, black pudding, crispy ear, sweet potato and jus. Now we are talking!  This is pretty much my ideal main course. I loved the sound of everything in it.

And oh my god was it good. This dish did not disappoint on any level. The pork was tender and crispy in all the right places, the flavour was intense, the little cubes of black pudding were a perfect accompaniment  ( wanted more of these). The sweet potato balanced everything really well and can I also at this point mention the presentation – stunning!

As ever and much to the annoyance of many a dining partner I didn’t take time to taste their dish. I am always so busy mooning over my own to remember. She did enjoy it very much however and I shall try to do better next time.


A little sorbet as a palate cleanser put paid to my idea of ordering sorbet for dessert (long having given up the notion of abstaining completely).   Plum crumble with vanilla sauce and praline ice cream won out against chocolate brûlée with chocolate brownie, white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate ice cream.  Strangely as Cat ordered the latter I did not forget to have a taste this time.  I love crumble and especially a light fruity crumble with an unforgettable ice cream. However as much as I loved my choice, it was overshadowed by the spectacle of Cats chocolate extravaganza. It was amazing and tasted every bit as good as it looked.

And so our alternative date night came to a close  and we were very happy full up people indeed. The Stockbridge restaurant is not a cheap option for an evening out but it is absolutely worth saving some pennies for a quality night with stupendous food, attentive service and a rather special ambiance. I loved spending my evening with a Bessie mate but it is couples heaven so Might just have to return with B in tow – soon.


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