"No love sincerer than the love of food"

Dear Santa …



Dear Santa

I have been an awfully good girl this year (mostly) and have my eye on a number of fantabulous foodie finds.  Perhaps you could check if there are any of these items kicking about  in your workshop.

Love always

The Grumbling Tummy  xx

Three Month Curry for Friday Night Subscription  £20



Friday night curry boxes are a brilliant idea for anybody who likes cooking and eating spicy food.  They include all the fresh spices (ready measured)  and recipe cards you need to make a fantastic curry and all the side dishes that go with it.  Once you redeem your voucher you will receive a curry box each month

There are Thai curries fragrant with lemongrass and lime leaves, fiery Sri Lankan seafood curry, rich sweet Caribbean curries flavoured with herbs and allspice, as well as the familiar Indian classics.

Microplane 4 sided Box Grater

Tesco Direct £37.99


My current grater is from Ikea and it does the job, or rather it did the job.  It is now  kaput and a new grating device is needed.  Microplane  is the Ferrari of graters I am told and this 4 sided box grater features 3 stainless steel microplane blades  together with a slicing blade all in a contemporary ergonomic design with a non slip hand grip and end pieces for added comfort and stability.  Perfect – though Neave’s days of helping mummy grate could be out of the window as I believe this grater is sharp enough to remove small fingers – ouch!


Emma Bridgewater Heart Mugs

John Lewis – £17.95


Some might think that Emma Bridgewater is a bit passe now but I am not one of them.  My friend Vickie has a collection of  differently patterned mugs from this iconic designer and when she brings them out I always feel a little bit of mug envy.  I do rather like the idea of a mix of the pink heart, blue heart and spotty mugs.  They are pricey for what they are but Santa has big pockets.

Corsican Honey – anywhere from 5 euros to 10 euros


I was seduced by Yotam Ottolenghi’s honey chat on his recent yomp around Corsica.  I had no idea that this little French island was so well-known for its honey.   There are many different varieties of Corsican honey,  all influenced by the famous Corsican “maquis”.  The maquis refers to the particular herbs and trees that bees will forage.  The  Corsican honey that tops my list is the Summer Maquis Honey – light coloured, fruity and flowery, born out of thyme and brooms and anthyllis.


Jamie’s Chopper!

John Lewis – £149.95 


I like Jamie Oliver,  but for me the undisputed star of both Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was his super duper food processor.  I actually believe I could cook like Mr Oliver if I was in possession of this piece of kit.  The Jamie Oliver food processor by Philips promises to enable you to prepare anything from salads to ice cream – the ultimate helping hand in the kitchen.  Includes gizmos to chop, cut, mash, knead, whip and whisk, slice and shred.  I suspect if you asked it nicely it may also do the dishes. I am a cook without a food processor (dropped mine some time ago and it broke good and proper) which is this day and age Santa is a travesty.

Herb Scissors – £12.99

normal_herb scissors

I don’t particularly find it a challenge to chop herbs but I do feel that I bruise them a bit when I hack at them with a knife, plus I always have big leafy bits which seem to escape the knife prompting B to say “what’s this green stuff in my stew”.  I like anything that makes life easy and this little gizmo looks like it will give me uniformed chippity choppity herbs in no time.

Glass herbal,fruit infuser teapot 4 cup  £18.70


I am a drinker of fruit teas – mainly peppermint.  It all started a few years ago when I was a martyr to my stomach! Doctors drew a blank but one lovely medical bod got me onto drinking gallons of peppermint tea and now I am hooked.  B is also a fan of the peppermint tea regimen.   We normally buy teabags about I often think it would be lovely to experiment with loose leaf teas.  This beautifully stylish glass teapot fits the bill perfectly.

River Cottage Experience @ River Cottage HQ – from £185

river cottage

A good friend and fellow food blogger over at was lucky enough to experience the Hugh treatment a couple of years ago and I must admit I did suffer a severe bout of foodie envy.  I love Hugh and his books are without doubt the most thumbed in the kitchen.

This intensive one-day course is all about “the importance of seasonal and ethical produce, and the delights of home-grown, home-cooked food.”

They aim to give you a real taste of River Cottage and at the end of the day your efforts are rewarded with a fantastic three-course River Cottage feast using the ingredients you have gathered and harvested.

One day I shall do this Santa – with or without you!


Come Dine With Me Stone Raclette

John Lewis – £39.95


I admit that this would probably be one of those pieces of kit that would end up gathering dust at the back of the cupboard along with the soda stream but what the hell, it looks like fun.

I love the idea of being a Swiss Miss,  hosting a dinner party of melty cheese and meats.   It is also an excuse to forage in Mellis the cheese shop for speciality raclette cheese.

This stone raclette from John Lewis includes  8 raclette pans and 8 wooden spatulas which means that everyone can be a part of the cooking action! There is a removable stone grill  which lets you cook food on top of this unit as well as in the pans provided.

Pampered Chef Round Stone with Handles  – £29.95


I have been to rather a lot of Pampered Chef parties over the years and have met many folk who swear by the Stone products.  I can’t actually get my head around just why they are so good but the near evangelistic fervour from those who cook with them is enough to convince me that they are just a little bit special.  There is also the fact that you scrape them rather than wash them which seems like a bit of a bonus.

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa …

  1. I’d love the herb scissors! There’s so much herb chopping in Persian cooking and it’s a pain I must say, this would do the trick.

    Hope Santa will be good to you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Hazel – really useful list and I will definitely be getting the first one for some foodie relatives this Christmas!

    Hope Santa reads your blog and is good to you this Christmas!


  3. That stone raclette looks incredible. I can imagine long summer nights sat on the patio with friends making delicious food. Maybe next Christmas? Or maybe i’ll treat myself after payday…

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