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Smoked Haddock Bake for my St Andrews Night In

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photo (7)It was St Andrews day on Saturday, and proving that there is more to traditional Scottish food than Haggis,  I agreed to join in with the Scottish Government’s Foodie Campaign by enjoying a’ St Andrews Night In’ with a home-made fish dish.

It all seemed rather appropriate that I should be cooking fish for St Andrews Day.  You see  St Andrew was an “agile and hardy fisherman” and coincidently my dad was also a hardy fisherman, although agile is pushing it a bit.  Dad is a bit late to have been a disciple of Jesus like St Andrew but if he had been around he would have been first in the queue.  Plus he lives in St Andrews.  Only one hitch to all this marvellous synergy – I have never cooked white fish in my puff.

I have only just got over my irrational fear of eating white fish but cooking it is another matter entirely … it’s the bones you see.  Despite being the daughter of a fisherman I have always had issues.  I love the taste but have a ludicrous fear of finding a fish bone.  What do I think a wee fish bone will do to me?  The mind boggles.  However as mentioned in a previous blog I feel that the next step to my recovery is to actually cook the stuff,  so this was all rather timely indeed.

Luckily  Seafood Scotland’s Young  Chef of the Year – Adam Newth –  had come up with some simple fish recipes for   which seemed perfect for a newbie fish cook like me.  I opted for the Smoked Haddock bake.

Proudly trotting home from my local fish monger with my undyed fillets of smoked haddock I set to work.


Was it really that easy to make?

It really was a stupidly simple recipe.  It  included low-fat creme fraiche, broad beans, peas, spring onions and potatoes, all topped off with mix of parmesan and breadcrumbs.  It was so easy that I may well get mini grumbling tummy to help me put it together next time (oh yes there will be a next time).  It is the perfect dish to get kids involved with – simple and healthy.

photo (5)

The proof is in the eating?

There were clean plates all round which speaks volumes.  The low-fat creme fraiche was an easy route to a silky sauce and I loved the addition of the broad beans.  The potato made it a really filling one pot dish and I particularly appreciated the contrast of the crunchy parmesan topping.  I doubled up on parmesan ……  because I could and that worked well for our cheese loving family.

There is a lot of scope for experimentation with this sort of dish  – using different types of fish , adding dill and perhaps throwing some diced carrot to the main mix.

St Andrews Day may be over for another year but we should still be including sustainable fish in our diet.  Apart from tasting great it is extraordinarily healthy.

photo (6)

So go on have a go –  Adam’s recipes are still available for you to try St Andrews Day Menu.

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