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Festival Fun


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The annual Foodies Festival rocked up to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some VIP tickets, adding a sprinkle of fairy dust  to what is always a great day out.

Thankfully it was a lovely dry day as we made our way to the VIP tent in the hope of free fizz. A young laconic chap with sunglasses glued onto his face and a Etonesque drawl informed us that champagne was indeed included as was a meal at one of three restaurants plus access to the many masterclasses throughout the day.  We signed up for Bordeaux Tasting for the adults and a Pizza Masterclass for the kids.

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It was a real treat to chill out and watch the hubbub of the festival whilst sitting on a comfy chair, sipping fizz and debating where to eat.  Whilst tempted by the amazing aroma coming from Galvin Brassiere we were concerned that the portions would not meet our requirements (we are piggies)  so we opted for SOBA for some Thai food.  Pad Thai with  chicken and prawn for me and Nasi Goreng for B.  We also picked up some Thai curry and nibbles to try to tempt mini me who was on week 8 of a general hunger strike.  The PTs who were joining us for the day  also opted for Pad Thai and not put off by small portions – a rather lovely looking dish from Galvin’s.  My Pad Thai was a  superb meal but B’s Nasi Goreng was to die for – a creamy peanut sauce with rice, chicken and delectable aromatic spices. It was my first taste of Nasi Goreng and shall not be my last.

Photo 11-08-2013 13 53 38

Photo 11-08-2013 14 01 05

Next up was the Bordeaux tasting which took place in a big old tent.  B was kind enough to take the children away for a wander leaving myself and the PTs to get stuck into some wine.  Did I learn much?  Erm not really.  Did I enjoy it? Yes immensely.  Despite the amount of vino I actually consume I am not really a wine buff – I like what I like and am not  precious about where it hails from or how old it is, however the gentlemen leading the tasting was entertaining and the wine tasted pretty good to me so it was a winning formula all round.

Photo 11-08-2013 15 06 28

Meanwhile back in the melee of the festival we joined B and two hyper children for the stall trawl – one of my favourite parts of any food festival.  There were some old favourites – we stocked up on German  Sausage again as we seem to do at every festival – and some new discoveries.  We met a lady who made perfect little frangipani cakes and another who make towering wonders in every hue.  There was the curly potato phenomenon which seemed to attract the biggest queue in the festival.  On closer inspection it appear to be a huge curly chip on a stick – the mind boggles.

Photo 11-08-2013 15 28 43

The boys dandered off for coffee whilst we escorted our  girls to the Pizza Making Masterclass.  The kids did seem to like this Masterclass, but really we were just stood at a table with pitta breads and a selection of toppings and left to get on with it.  The only interaction with the “Masters” was when they took children’s names down when putting their little creations in the oven.  Had I shelled out extra cash for this I would have been a bit put out but as it was I was fairly chilled about the lack of … well the lack of anything involved in this particular masterclass.

Photo 11-08-2013 16 00 09 (1)

All too soon it was time head home – smiley and all full up after another hugely enjoyable day at Foodies.  Till next time …….

3 thoughts on “Festival Fun

  1. looks like a lot of delicious fun!

  2. This looks like my kind of festival! So much delicious food, I bet it’s quite expensive though!

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