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Easy ‘Peasy’ Pasta

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Last week I resolved to use a new recipe from my  “foodie magazine” on each day of the week.   Day one was salmon and noodles which was a wee bit bland and day two’s lentil and ham creation left B gagging (though I didn’t think it was that bad at all) .  On day three B was rocking and keening  at the idea of another meal from this particular arsenal so I thought it wise to ditch the pasta recipe that I had planned and make one up instead.

The result was  ‘Easy Peasy Pasta’ which was deemed so tasty that I thought it might be nice to share it with you.  it is stupidly simple, very flavoursome and looks the part.

Great for a midweek dinner when you are pushed for time but want something to hit the taste spot!

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Spaghetti for two people (125g)

One pack of lardons (100g)

A cup of frozen peas ( I used petite pois because they are a wee bit sweeter)

A small tub of low fat crème fraiche (300 ml)

Dash of lemon juice

100g of Grana Padano grated

Clove of garlic


Pop your pasta on to cook then get on with making the sauce

Splash a tabelspoon of olive oil into a pan and add the lardons and garlic –  cook over a medium heat for around five minutes

Add the cup of frozen peas and a dash of lemon juice and cook for around 5 minutes

Lob in the tub of creme fraiche and season with lots  of lovely black pepper (so tempted to say freshly milled !)

Add in the grated cheese, reserving some for sprinkling on top of the finished dish

Warm the sauce through, taking care not to boil

Drain the pasta, stir in the sauce

Serve with a large glass of white wine – ta da!

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