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Spiced Pears with Honey and Cinnamon Cream

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pearsI am very pleased with myself as I have created my very own dish!  Neither taken from a recipe book, nor tweaked from an existing recipe, but from my very own head.  I have also made it sound rather sophisticated don’t you think? Plus I actually served it at a dinner party and they liked it.  Ok they  had consumed several bottles of wine by that point in the evening but I think their mutterings of pleasure were fairly genuine.

As you know I have been trying to avoid eating my usual diet of cakes, pastries and chocolate.  I have been doing extremely well but it was all threatening to go to hell in a hand cart if I didn’t come up with an after dinner alternative to sticky toffee pudding and clotted cream.  I am keen to be healthy and slimmer but I am neither a martyr or a masochist.  And so I decided that fruit was the way to go and started experimenting, I must say I was very pleased with the result.

I fear that those of you who are blessed with the enviable ability to create brand new dishes willy nilly will not think much of this creation – it is very simple after all, but it is mine …  all mine and I am just a teeny bit proud.


4 large ripe pears peeled and cut into vertical slices

Teaspoon of vegetable oil

Cinnamon for dusting plus a 1/2 teaspoon for the cream

Double cream (now I used a big pot but there was oodles left.  For some reason we decided to add  this to  mugs of coffee along with a shot of Jack Daniels – odd but nice.  So unless you fancy trying to make bizarre liqueur coffees then go for a small pot of cream)

A generous teaspoon of runny honey

Blueberries to serve


Whip up your double cream and simply add the cinnamon and the honey – god is it really that easy!

Heat the oil in the griddle pan (you can use a frying pan but then you won’t get the nice stripes, will still taste the same however)

When it is nice and hot add the pear slices, cook until lovely and browned on both sides.  Dust both sides with cinnamon whilst cooking.  you might have to cook in batches so have your oven warmed to keep the first batch good and toasty until you serve.

Serve up the hot slices or spiced pears with a handful of blueberries and the cream

Hopefully your guests will purr with delight at having one of their five a day in such a pleasant way.

One thought on “Spiced Pears with Honey and Cinnamon Cream

  1. Sounds wonderful. Guess what we’re eating in Woolwich this weekend?!! Mind you with an eye to my blood sugars I might substitute half-fat crème fraiche for the whipped cream. And maybe a spoonful of pear schnapps in the pan for the last 30 seconds?

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