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Border Biscuits are Deliciously Different


The call to try out a tin of Border Biscuits ‘Deliciously Different’ collection could not have come at a worse time.  The gym classes had re-commenced, the shopping list was treat free and I was determined to concentrate on slimming down for Christmas (thus enabling me to eat like a hog without guilt over the festive period).

But as the postman delivered the fateful tin I knew my plans were doomed.

For a brief moment it did cross my mind to ration the biscuits over the course of the week,  but in the end I  invited a couple of mates round and tanned the entire tin in one session – job done.

Established in 1984 Borders Biscuits are a relatively new kid on the block in biscuit terms, but they have certainly made their mark, being sold in almost all supermarkets and indeed across the world.

Did they stand up to the taste test?

There are six varieties of biscuit to choose from in this tin:

  • Black Forest cookies
  • Lemon souffle cookies (my short sighted husband thought they were called ‘Lemon Sniffle Cookies’ and lo a new name was born)
  • Strawberry and cream shortbread
  • Chocolate and walnut brownies
  • Chocolate and orange shortbread
  •  Toffee apple crumbles

My stand out favourites were the Black Forest cookies; largely due to the generous chunks of cherry and chocolate. The tartness of cherry counteracts the sweetness nicely.  Both chocolate based biscuits in the tin  had a really light and fluffy texture.  Not sure if fluffy is considered correct biscuit terminology but suffice to say it is a good thing.

The other ‘fluffy’ biscuits were the Chocolate and walnut brownies  (they were definitely biscuits and not brownies). These were lovely but a few more walnuts would have been brilliant.

My second favourite in the tin had to be the Lemon souffle (aka Sniffles).  The citrus tang worked so well with the sweet biscuit and it was rather a nice dunker too. Same goes for the Chocolate and orange shortbread – nice contrast and actually quite festive.

Toffee apple crumbles – heck what’s not to like really?  Thankfully they didn’t “transport me back to childhood with the taste of the fairground”.  As a child of the 80’s the taste of the fairground was slimy hot dogs and teeth rotting  pink candy floss.

I wasn’t blown away by the Strawberry and cream shortbread, a wee bit sickly sweet for me (I can’t believe I am actually saying that!) Although it hasn’t stopped me having another few bites, just to make sure.

So is this tin worth buying?  The answer is a resounding yes,  but only if you are prepared to lose all willpower and demolish them in one go.

Not in the box but deserving a special Grumbling Tummy mention is my all time favourite Border biscuit – the Dark chocolate ginger.  Spicy, with a great snap – I just love them to bits and will be stockpiling these for the Christmas period.

A mild grumble from this Grumbling Tummy is calling biscuits cookies and brownies.   I know its a little bit picky and I am not normally a purist but they are brilliant biscuits and proud to be so.

Well done Border Biscuits – triumph in a tin  

The Border biscuits ‘Deliciously Different’ tin retails at £7.50.

2 thoughts on “Border Biscuits are Deliciously Different

  1. A “couple of mates” and you managed to scoff the whole tin! Your Christmas dinner menu should be a bowl of porridge and a piece of fruit.

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