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Taste Sensations at the BBC Good Food Show

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McIntosh's Olive Oils

This week I managed to acquire a pair of free tickets to the BBC Good Food Show. Big thanks to .

A food show of any description generally makes my head and wallet spin in equal measures and this extravaganza was no exception. With a disgruntled toddler in tow – “mummy, this is not a play park” –  I set about tasting as much as I possibly could before she imploded.

Without any further ado, here is a run down of my favourite taste sensations of the day:

Mrs Tilly’s Fudge Fudge, macaroon and tablet made by hand using traditional methods, and boy does it show. Melt in the mouth, moreish, sweet and delicious. The highlight for me was their orange fudge, you really have to try it. Back at base BC and I devoured a substantial quantity of this new-found treasure.

RUBIS The Luxury Chocolate Wine Yes I know … chocolate wine. Somebody took two of life’s greatest pleasures and combined them into one delicious product –  a heady mix indeed. I plan to wow future dinner guests with this after dinner treat.

Trotters Independent Condiments I call the chutney I tasted from these guys Christmas Chutney, but having looked at their website it is clear that I just made that name up. I reckon the delightful chutney I sampled was the seasonal plum and apple. This lovely chunky chutney was flavoured with ginger and cinnamon to give it a beautiful seasonal feel,  the perfect partner for the Christmas turkey.

Eat Balanced Pizzas A business that promises I can enjoy one of my favourite foods without the guilt, I was sceptical. I could live on pizza alone and was keen to try this new innovative product because to be honest I couldn’t get my head around how a ‘nutritionally balanced’ pizza could taste good, but bloody hell it does! It’s delicious and healthy, giving me the perfect excuse to double my portions! This is already available in the supermarkets so guess what’s in my shopping basket next week?

Burtree Puddings . Sticky Toffee is surely the King of all puddings. I think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur (well I have eaten enough!) and let me tell you this company produce the King of the King of puddings. I’m not surprised they have won awards aplenty. A really light sponge with a perfect toffee sauce – I can’t wait to try their other sweet offerings.

Mackintosh of Glendaveny .  These guys produce, press and bottle extra virgin rapeseed oil at their Aberdeenshire farm offering a grand alternative to olive oil.  I loved dipping little pieces of bread at their beautifully presented stand. Favourites for me were lemon infused oil, chilli infused oil and a rather special garlic oil.  I read recently that they’ve won a contract with Tesco.  Not a fan of Tesco, but well done them and at least I know I can easily source as much of their lovely oils as my heart desires.

Charles Macleod’s Stornoway Black Pudding  One of my all time favourite food heroes and therefore not a new discovery by any stretch.  But to my mind they deserve a mention for producing such a ludicrously mouth-watering product.  My wallet spontaneously flew open at the sight of their stand and I am now planning a hit list of black pudding based meals – first up is a warm salad with black pudding and chorizo – yum.


The Cook School Scotland who let my mesmerised two-year old sit in on their ticketed event and produced a special chocolate pudding and ice cream just for her . She has been talking about it ever since, so kind and so generous, thank you guys.

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