"No love sincerer than the love of food"

Mmmm Mitchells …


Pictured: scallops with chorizo, wilted spinach and balsamic drizzle, chocolate brownie with clotted cream.  Eaten at in St Andrews

Sunday was one of these perfect bright crisp Autumn days.  At a loss on what to do to entertain the little one we decided the best option was to actually let granny and grandpa do the entertaining whilst we headed out for a bit of lunch.

I am fortunate in that my parents live in the coastal town of St Andrews.  Not only is it undeniably beautiful but it also has  a pretty vibrant food scene.  However,  despite the large number of eateries my husband and I find it almost impossible to resist our very favourite St Andrews eatery – Mitchells Deli.

And so it was that we found ourselves once again sitting in Mitchells drooling over the menu.  One of my favourite things about Mitchells (apart from the food)  is the interior decor.  The seats are covered with recycled tweed jackets, the cutlery is presented in recycled Lyles Golden Syrup tins, the tables are rustic and there is the most amazing ceiling light made from empty wine bottles.

Before I get to the food, our “regular waiter” deserves a mention.  He is the most camp, most fabulously flamboyant east coast American.  Without fail, he makes me feel as though I am eating in downtown Manhattan – straight out of Sex and the City – love him!

And finally to the food:  I plumped for a starter course of scallops with chorizo on wilted spinach.  I find it very hard to say no to scallops or chorizo, so an easy choice.  The scallops were enormous and cooked to perfection – lovely and seared on the outside and really soft and juicy on the inside.  The chorizo was extraordinarily succulent – its oil imparting a really nice flavouring for the rest of the dish.  Only problem was that there was not enough!

I then proceeded to tuck  into a bowl of  parmesan chips – very crisp then fluffy – as they ought to be AND a jar of humus with little gherkins to dip.  An odd choice perhaps but then I can be a little odd sometimes.

Had not had to let my belt out thus far and so  felt fit to tackle a warm chocolate brownie with clotted cream.  It was sublime but I like my cream ALOT and I did feel that the dot of cream would have been better as a great big dollup.  But perhaps that is just my absolute greed shining through.

We rolled (quite literally) back to base, both feeling that the cake was perhaps a step too far – but with cake like that what choice did we have?

Already planning our next escape to Mitchells Deli – they have a great festive menu that may have to be sampled.

4 thoughts on “Mmmm Mitchells …

  1. Oh, the chocolate brownie….yum! ❤

  2. CB – wonderful – must come and try it. I keep threatening to open one in Dunfermline! Maybe I might just do that one day

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